Clear-IR Viewing System: Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Screening



Protect Your Employees’ and Customers’ Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught society a great deal about the need for additional health precautions in daily life. The physical interactions accustomed to have been replaced with varying forms of social distancing, in neighborhoods, shopping experiences, and in workplaces.

Infrared has already been in use by medical professionals to screen patients for fever, but person-to-person testing requires close proximity and the wearing of personal protective equipment. As experienced from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply of PPE can be expensive, and easily run dangerously low. Finding a safe and cost-effective solution that does not fall victim to scarcity is the only logical alternative.

Physical screening barriers in offices, medical facilities, airports, sports facilities, and any other venue where humans interact is the first step to preserving a healthy environment. The problem with using physical barriers such as plastic or plexiglass is that infrared cannot see through these materials. While the barrier is necessary, there also needs to be a way to scan people safely and accurately.

Introducing the ClearIR Viewing System

IRISS, the global leader in Reliability Technologies, has been focused on continued research and development of thermographic and ultrasound inspection equipment for decades. With the need for temperature screening to become the norm throughout our society, we have developed the ClearIR viewing system. By setting up this system, facilities are able to monitor the body temperature of anyone entering and screen for people who may have a fever or be ill. This will allow access to those who show a safe body temperature, while preventing anyone who may be ill from entering and spreading possible sickness.


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