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Spot “Vs” Area Temperature Measurement using IR Cameras

Over the years I have been involved in the infrared industry I have seen some mistakes made and problems missed using spot temperature measurements on IR cameras, luckily these were rectified using the IR software when the reports were written… (would not have been the case had we been using “report by exception” techniques!)...

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Analyze your findings…..How accurate are your readings and why?

Many people are not aware that the detector in an infrared camera actually only reads electromagnetic radiation it receives in a specific range of wavelengths. In order to display this in a useful reading the camera makes several calculations in order to convert the actual data to a temperature...

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The Formula for Determining Field of View Using any Infrared Camera

Every infrared camera defines its Field of View (FOV) across a horizontal/vertical axis.You have two ways to determine the Field of View (FOV) on your camera:You can calculate the FOV using the formula: 2 x the tangent of ½ the angle x distance You can measure (and “map out”) the practical FOV with a quick field test to check your math! The practical FOV test is quick, relatively easy, and in no way requires a scientific calculator!...

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