• CAP-4-US

    • Combination small format rectangular IR window and Ultrasound Port
    • Ideal format for Low Voltage applications on MCC, Dry transformer, Panelboard and Switchboard
    • Superior field-of-view compared to round windows
  • CAP-CT Series

    CAP-CT Series
    • Light weight aluminum construction NEMA 4 / IP65 design
    • 4 standard sizes; custom sizes available upon request
    • Largest IR viewing area in the industry
  • CAP-ENV Series

    CAP-ENV Series
    • All stainless steel construction NEMA 6 / IP67 design for outdoor & MV installations
    • Largest IR viewing area in the industry
    • Arc Tested to IEC 62271-200
  • VP-12-IR

    • Small format IR window for panels with limited available space
    • Low cost solution ideal for single target viewing
    • Simple installation with template provided
  • VPFC Series

    VPFC Series
    • Laboratory grade IR window for light duty applications
    • Crystal optic coated to reduce transmission drift
    • Larger usable optic size than competitor’s crystal windows
    • Upgradeable in field to polymer optic
  • VP-12-US

    • Small formal ultrasound port for low and medium voltage applications
    • Low cost solution for partial discharge monitoring (arcing, tracking and corona detection)
    • Simple installation with template provided

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  • Delta-T Alert Gateway

    Delta-T Alert Gateway
    • Battery Operated
    • Emergency Alarm Notifications
    • Wireless
  • Delta-T Alert Sensor

    Delta-T Alert Sensor
    • Battery Operated
    • Emergency Alarm Notifications
    • Wireless
  • E Sentry Cloud user license

    E Sentry Cloud user license
    Activate and manage assets in the cloud Tag history available in cloud View assigned routes Designate new routes Admins can review, add, edit, and view inspection history
  • E Sentry Connect Tags

    E Sentry Connect Tags
    • Allows you to document and access information relating to IR inspection parameters on Electrical distribution assets
    • Data is stored on the asset tag directly and backed up to the cloud for future reference and maintenance trend analysis
    • Routes can be set and monitored
  • E Sentry QwikTags

    E Sentry QwikTags
    • Allow users to define information and data fields on any asset type imaginable.
    • Maintenance records can be stored, accessed, and overwritten repeatedly.
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