Beginner Courses


The iCAST course is one of the first steps in electrical inspection training that is available from IRISS. This course will stress the benefits of the different technologies and how they work in an integrated RCM Program.

Certified Installer

This 1-day job training allows students to learn how to use IR windows and ultrasound ports correctly. From installation to calculating emissivity/transmissivity, this course is designed to provide the hands-on experience to confidently install and use IRISS IR windows and ultrasound ports.

Intermediate Courses

ISO 18436 part 8 CAT 1 ASU Principles of Airborne / Structure borne Ultrasound

Ultrasonic detection equipment has become a trusted source for trending and troubleshooting over the last few decades. The ability to run recorded sound waves through sound analysis software has opened a new realm of analysis for the inspector.

Level I Principles of Infrared

This course is designed to meet and exceed ISO 18436 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A recommended practices, during 4 full days of training, it covers all of the relevant infrared theory and physics required to produce a professional Thermography inspection report.

Advanced Courses

Level II Principles of Ultrasound

This Ultrasound Level 2 Course will go in depth into use of sound analysis software for the determination of Harmonic Indications and advanced application theory. This will include how to determine bearing and electrical faults as well as the determination of a steam trap rate of discharge to show conditions such as over and undersized traps.

Level II Principles of Infrared

This hands-on course will assist you in developing your camera operating skills and highlight new inspection procedures and applications.
The level II training will aid in advancing your infrared condition monitoring programme or consulting services.

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