Surpassing even the original industrial-grade CAP Series, the Platinum Series CAP-T has the largest visually clear infrared (IR) transmissive viewing area available.

The exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced Poly-View SystemTM polymer allows any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV and shortwave, midwave and longwave IR spectrums.

The larger rectangular viewing area provides an unparalleled field of view when compared to traditional round IR windows. The CAP-CT offers locking covers for your IR window. These are useful in areas of high traffic and protect the IR viewing panes from impacts, flying debris and dust.


An evolutionary step in infrared (IR) windows, the Platinum Series VPT utilizes our exclusive Poly-View System™ technology to allow the use of any thermography camera to monitor energized electrical equipment.

The world’s only clear polymer IR window optic enables visual inspections, traditional IR inspections utilizing cameras across the entire IR spectrum and allows for UV inspections to be performed with a corona camera.

The Platinum Series VPT IR windows are industrial- grade with a patented reinforced grill that exceeds high voltage switchgear viewing pane standards.


Advances in wireless technology have resulted in sensors that allow systems to monitor for the same types of defects that are detectable by thermal imaging.

When permanently installed on electrical enclosures, these sensors can provide year-round monitoring of critical electrical system components and can immediately alert personnel when problems arise.

The use of a Delta T Alert ™ monitoring system provides constant monitoring of your critical systems electrical enclosures to complement and enhance the safety and effectiveness of any electrical maintenance program.

custom-recCustom Solution

IRISS is the only global infrared (IR) window manufacturer with solutions for unique applications. Custom Solutions from IRISS ensure that your IR window meets your needs and applications.

IRISS understands that not every application is suitable for a standard IR window. The patented IRISS reinforced optic is flexible and can be manufactured in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. This allows the IR industry safe access to energized targets previously considered impossible.

Direct temperature measurement is now available on those unique applications without the increased risk associated with removing covers or guards.


The Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies offers several unique training and certification classes that provide you and your company the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete your electrical inspections safely and efficiently.

Designed by electricians, for electricians, these hands-on training courses are unlike any others available to date. They not only outline current industry standards and best practices, but also show you how to implement them. Our state-of-the-art training center in sunny, Bradenton, FL, is set up with labs so that students can safely learn in a hands-on, experience-driven course. We are also prepared to bring hands-on classes to you with travelling labs.

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