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The FlexIR-Clear range of products is another innovative addition to the Custom Solutions from IRISS to ensure that your inspection windows meet your needs and applications. One of the most difficult things to overcome in infrared inspections of electrical systems is imaging through the clear polycarbonate safety guards that are typically installed in front of electrical connections and which completely block the transmission of infrared radiation. These guards have a very important function as they maintain the IP20 touch-safe requirement by ensuring that no one can accidentally touch the energized components when the panel cover is removed. The FlexIR-Clear range of products are a clear polycarbonate grill that is IP20 compliant and allows direct temperature measurement of energized components for infrared and visual inspections while ensuring the operators cannot come in contact with the energized components. They are available in custom sizes allowing inspections to be competed on those unique applications without the increased risk associated with removing covers or guards.

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