VP Series

  • VPFC

    • Laboratory grade IR window for light duty applications
    • Crystal optic coated to reduce transmission drift
    • Larger usable optic size than competitor’s crystal windows
    • Upgradeable in field to polymer optic
  • VPT

    • Industrial grade IR window for heavy duty applications
    • Clear reinforced polymer optic for short, mid and long wave Infrared; Ultraviolet and visible spectrums
    • Arc Tested to IEC 62271-200
  • VP-12-IR

    • Small format IR window for panels with limited available space
    • Low cost solution ideal for single target viewing
    • Simple installation with template provided
  • VP-12-US

    • Small formal ultrasound port for low and medium voltage applications
    • Low cost solution for partial discharge monitoring (arcing, tracking and corona detection)
    • Simple installation with template provided
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