IRISS Launches New IR Window With Ultrasound Port Option

The recently launched CAP-ENV-US infrared window allows for visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspection. This infrared window includes the option of a built in ultrasound inspection port.

IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD). IRISS is also known for their innovative state-of-the-art Infrared, patented (IR) Window solutions that allow thermal imaging inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in an enclosed and guarded condition.

IRISS has recently launched the CAP-ENV-US range of infrared inspection windows. This inspection window allows for a visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspection to be completed and now also includes a built in ultrasound / Partial Discharge inspection port. The New CAP-ENV-US range of inspection windows are based on the CAP-ENV systems that successfully passed the Arc Flash Containment requirements of IEC62271-200 (1KV -50KV metal enclosed switchgear) at 6KV, 31.7kA, for 1.1 seconds, (The actual peak current the VP and CAP-ENV systems were exposed to during the test exceeded 80kA). All IRISS products have successfully passed this extreme test.

The new CAP-ENV-US Series are being installed in areas that experience high environmental distress, such as dockyards, transformer applications and in harsh maritime conditions as well as desert environments. Unlike Crystal Based IR windows the CAP-ENV-US Systems utilize the IRISS patented VP Lens systems which are the only visual, ultraviolet and IR windows that are Impact resistant, maintain a fixed and stable IR transmission and offer the largest FOV (field of view) of any IR window available today. The IRISS CAP-ENV-US Series are by far the strongest most durable IR Window systems available on the market today.

IRISS Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices are used in a multitude of industries such as, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Data Centers, Maritime and switchgear OEMs. IRISS is continuously improving infrared window systems and developing innovative concepts in the electrical maintenance safety device market. The latest CAP-ENV-US inspection window designs are just a few products in their very impressive EMSD line up. Living up to their mission, by ensuring “Safety through Design” the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and improving electrical safety around the globe. For more information on the CAP-ENV-US click here:

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