IRISS Launches E Sentry Connect™ for IR Windows Using NFC Technology

IRISS introduces new technology that will be an added benefit to the CAP IR Window Series. This new product launch of E Sentry Connect Smart Tagging systems for Infrared Windows provides operators with instant access to all critical data relating to the electrical equipment and IR inspection.
The E Sentry Connect™ Tag on a CAP ENV US Infrared Window

IRISS is proud to launch our next generation intuitive Asset Information Tagging System called E Sentry Connect ™. E Sentry Connect™ utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless Smart Card technology that allows smart phone and tablet devices with NFC to easily access critical data relating to the equipment being inspected and also save up-to-date inspection data directly to the asset’s E Sentry Connect™ tag via a free Android Application.

By using the NFC technology within the E Sentry Connect™ tagging system, any industry where Infrared Windows are utilized now have a quick, flexible and reliable way to electronically track and maintain inspection history. The E Sentry Connect™ technology is suitable for even the hazardous and hostile environments found on offshore platforms, refineries and petrochemical processing plants. The time taken to recertify, inspect or repair equipment manually with hard copy inspection records, paper work orders and certificates can be reduced significantly using this technology. Intelligent asset tagging also reduces the length of safety checks, saving downtime.

The E Sentry Connect™ Tagging system has been designed to be operated on 2 platforms. The first is a standalone site based system that allows users to see the last inspection information as well as useful setup information for the thermographer. The second, much more powerful platform, is a Cloud based system allowing full historical data back-up and complete access to the current status of all assets utilizing E Sentry Connect™ tags. After an initial 90 day free trial, an annual subscription is required for the Cloud based system wherein the system administrator can manipulate, via a secure web interface, historical inspection details, temperature plots of each asset as well as export data to other applications such as an ERP system. The administrator can also set inspection routes for maintenance personnel and see the status of assigned routes.

The E Sentry Connect™ cards are now included as standard on all IRISS Infrared Window CAP Series and can also be purchased separately and added to any other IR Window system.

IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacture of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and known for their innovative patented Infrared Window solutions that allow Condition Based inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in a closed and guarded condition.

The E Sentry Connect™ Tagging system is IRISS’s latest addition to their very impressive EMSD line up. Living up to their mission, by ensuring “Safety through Design” the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and improving electrical safety around the globe.

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