IRISS Creates First On-Site Partnership With Community Haven

Since IRISS has partnered with Haven Industries,for on-site employment, many other businesses have followed the lead. The partnerships improve the quality of life for employees with disabilities and also enhances the business work environment.
Charles Young is a proud employee in manufacturing for IRISS

IRISS is proud to be the first company in the Sarasota Manatee area to employ individuals on-site through the Community Haven Employment Services, at their world headquarters, 10306 Technology Terrace, Bradenton, Florida. Community Haven is a non-profit organization located in Sarasota Florida that empowers independence and inclusion in all aspects of society for children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities by meeting their needs for therapy, education, socialization, housing, fitness, vocational training, job placement, and recreation. Their vision is that all people with disabilities have good health, the fullest measure of success with school, a loving home, meaningful work, and unity with family, friends and the community.

Community Haven’s “Haven Industries” is a program that provides adults with disabilities a variety of paid work experiences to help them learn the skills needed to gain employment and become fully included in the mainstream community. This relationship is a win-win situation for the employer and the employee. According to Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS INC, “Our Community Haven employees have boosted the moral in our workplace and has provided IRISS with dedicated and reliable employees. We could not ask for anything better.” Community Haven’s Employment Services is the best kept secret in employment staffing. This program promotes diversity in the workplace by assisting a wide variety of qualified personnel in identifying and securing competitive employment within the community. Program participants come to an employer not only pre-screened, but also come with an Employment Specialist to assist in transitioning into the job culture, industry and business practices.

It has been a tremendous benefit for IRISS to have the Employment Specialist on-site. Employment Specialists (Job Coaches) are experts in identifying employment needs in various industries and matching those needs with the right candidate. The specialists work with program participants to identify skills and interests to complement the screening and hiring process. They work to fit the right person with the right job, keeping in mind that a successful placement represents a win for the employer…a win for the person….and a win for our community. The Employment Specialist not only assists with job matching and placement, but also assists the individual with training, development of workplace supports, provides follow-along services and career development.

This employment concept is not unique to the Sarasota Manatee area. There are employment programs like Haven Industries across the country. These programs provide employers with dependable and successful employees. IRISS is an example to companies across the country. The success IRISS has employing individuals with disabilities demonstrates how important it is for both the business community and for people with disabilities. This partnership enhances the overall human resource functions of a business and contributes to the individual’s quality of life.

According to Patrick Eneix, Manufacturing Manager for IRISS INC, “Our employees from Community Haven are an integral part of our manufacturing team and are a key component to our success. Their employment ensures that each product is packaged to exact industry standards. They perform these duties effectively and efficiently, often doing so in a cheerful and gratified manner. The truth is, our Manufacturing Team is very grateful to be working hand in hand with such a wonderful group of people.”

IRISS is the global leader in designing and manufacturing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and the designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade infrared window.

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