Primary Audience: Journeymen, Master Electricians, or Level I Thermographers
Prerequisites: Level I Certification Course
Course Level: Intermediate

Course Overview

The 3-day courses focus on industry specific topics related to electrical applications! Typical infrared courses teach attendees multiple IR applications; we focus on what we do best: the electrical application of infrared.

Students Receive

  • Level II Certificate
  • Course Resource Manual


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Course Objectives

  • Learn How to Perform Heat Transfer Calculations
  • Understand Infrared Spectrum/Planck’s Law
  • Understand Radiosity Problems
  • Understand Emissivity
  • Understand Reflectivity
  • Learn to Calculate Transmissivity
  • Understand Resolution Tests
  • Understand How to Quantifying Measurements
  • Understand Importance of Reporting and Documentation

These courses are eligible for NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). NETA Certified Technicians (Level III and Level IV) are required to earn a minimum of 48 CTDs every three years to maintain their certification. For more information about the CTD program and requirements, please contact the NETA office at or 888-300-6382.

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