Level I Principles of Ultrasound (ASU) April 9-12th, 2018 – Braintree, UK

Ultrasonic detection equipment has become a trusted source for trending and troubleshooting over the last few decades. The ability to run recorded sound waves through sound analysis software has opened a new realm of analysis for the inspector. No longer is Ultrasound simple a Go-NoGo test; it can be used for determining Stray Voltage in a motor, Inner & Outer Race faults, Cage Faults, Ball Pass Faults, Corona, Tracking, Arcing, Loose connections and Delamination of Windings in a Transformer. These issues can be determined by simply looking at the representative images of the sound wave in the analysis software. Each one will have a distinct image that shows the Harmonic Marks that tell us the Fault Frequency of those Harmonics. In addition, the use of a Time Series will show the harmonics and the Amplitude of the Sinusoidal Wave. The students will walk away with a much greater understanding of the Theory of Ultrasound and the use of their Ultrasound Inspection Equipment. This course meets the intent of ASNT SNT TC-1A and ISO 18436:8. NETA recognized companies can submit an application form for CTD’s to help maintain their required training hours.

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