Primary Audience: Journeymen or Master Electricians
Prerequisites: Level I (Students must supply evidence of Level 1 certification)
Course Level: Advanced

Course Overview

This 5-day hands-on lab and classroom training helps you gain the knowledge and experience to safely perform energized electrical inspections with confidence by combining infrared, ultrasonic, and power quality testing technologies to give you the FULL picture. As an added bonus, Level II certification is included in this course with specific topics related to electrical applications! Typical infrared courses teach attendees multiple IR applications; we focus on what we do best: the electrical application of infrared.

Let our decades of experience in electrical maintenance, electrical construction, and reliability centered maintenance support your success!

Students Receive

  • Level II Certification
  • Energized Electrical Maintenance Certificate
  • Promo Code for FREE NFPA Certification Course
  • Course Resource Manual


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Course Objectives

  • Understand Practices & Benefits of Safety with regards to NFPA 70E.
  • Introduction to Infrared Thermography for Electrical Applications
  • Why Heat Transfer Must Be Considered with Infrared
  • Electrical Application How-To’s of Infrared
  • Understand Ultrasonic Electrical Testing – Tracking, Arcing, Corona
  • Understand Ultrasonic Safety, Recording, Analysis
  • Understand Power Quality Testing
  • Understand How to Manage Your Electrical and Reliability Maintenance Program: Software and Planning (NFPA 70B)
  • Learn How to Perform Heat Transfer Calculations
  • Understand Infrared Spectrum/Planck’s Law
  • Understand Radiosity Problems
  • Understand Emissivity
  • Understand Reflectivity
  • Learn to Calculate Transmissivity
  • Understand Resolution Tests
  • Understand How to Quantifying Measurements
  • Understand Importance of Reporting and Documentation

These courses are eligible for NETA Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs). NETA Certified Technicians (Level III and Level IV) are required to earn a minimum of 48 CTDs every three years to maintain their certification. For more information about the CTD program and requirements, please contact the NETA office at or 888-300-6382.

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