A Visual Image of Sound

With 3D surfacing, the SONUS VUE PRO software gives an amazing view of the Time Signal, Amplitude and Frequency of Occurrence in a colorized 3D Model. This graph can be spun around 360 ° degrees to see all angles of the sound wave.

Advanced Harmonic Analysis

With the advanced Harmonic analysis engine of the SONUS VUE PRO software, the inspector can mark multiples of a harmonic repeatedly or on an individual basis. Harmonics can be measured in Time, Frequency (Hz) or amplitude to allow for a more concise diagnosis of Harmonic Indicators.

Sonus Vue App

This companion Sonus Vue APP allows the user to see, while still in the field, any harmonic indications occurring prior to leaving the job site. Using the Sonus Vue Pro desktop software, he can then decide on which data may require more in-depth analysis. With more FFT resolution than more expensive competitive equipment with built in software, the Sonus Vue APP can be used by anyone with an Android or iOS platform smartphone or tablet.

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