Effective & Versatile

The Sonus Product Line is an effective tool that can be used for so many different applications and purposes. From Electrical Inspection to Trouble shooting out in the plant. This tool can be deployed quickly for detection of Corona, Tracking, Arcing, Delamination of windings, to Loose Connections. Inspectors can Safely scan electrical equipment without ever pulling panels off of energized equipment by using Sonus Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment. The inspectors won’t have to don an Arc Flash Suit allowing for a faster and safer inspection of Electrical Equipment.

Dependable, Efficient, & Accurate

The SONUS PD is specifically designed for Partial Discharge (PD) and Airborne Emission (AE) detection on Medium and High Voltage Switchgear. The unit detects Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) signals generated by internal partial discharge as well as ultrasound acoustic discharge generated by surface tracking, arcing or corona. PD detection can be utilized to detect early warning signs of equipment insulation failure. Inspections can be performed quickly and safely by maintenance personnel with minimal training. Fast and accurate diagnosis of problems using the SONUS PD will help you prevent unexpected outages.


Minimal Training Required

Minimal training is required to start a Predictive Maintenance program using Ultrasound and to start a testing for Airborne Ultrasound Emissions and TEV (Transient Earth Voltage) Detection .

Great Sensitivity

Can easily separate audible noise from Ultrasound / TEV at even the loudest sites and pinpoint the source of Partial Discharge.

Low Cost

Great tools for any Predictive Maintenance Program at very low cost. Finding and fixing compressed air leaks can often reduce energy costs by up to 30% and help to maintain the life span of your compressors.

Multiple Applications & Compatibility

Sonus Series includes leak (pressure & vacuum) detection, mechanical and electrical inspections. Sonus Vue Software APPS are compatible with iOS & Android phones and tablets. It’s even capable of recording directly to Sonus Vue on a laptop. This make it the most versatile Sound Analysis Software available for P/dM Programs on the market.

Early Detection & Great Reporting

Detect early warning signs of problems in medium and high voltage electrical assets long before they become failures. Automatically generate high PD alerts to asset management team live from the site. Data can be Integrated into SAP upon request. Integrated Noise Detection Algorithm helps avoid “False Positive” TEV readings.

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