E-Sentry Connect Cloud


Register below to get access to your cloud system, allowing you to create and assign users to manage maintenance routes, custom reports and data trends from all of your associated E-Sentry Connect Asset Tags.

All your reports, technical information, temperature trends and alarms are stored an synced with your cloud account allowing for constant and continuous tracking of your electrical maintenance information.

The E-Sentry Connect Cloud system is an annual subscription separated into packages based on number of administrator accounts needed over the course of the year. Sign up now for your FREE trial period of the E-Sentry Connect Cloud service.

E-Sentry Connect Standalone


You may also choose the E-Sentry Standalone System which allows you to run your system independent of the cloud, foregoing the synchronizing of your check-ins and route assigning systems.

For users who only need and isolated system acting between the tags existing storage and your app your system can operate independently from the cloud system.




E-Sentry Connect Cloud


Be sure to register below to request your

E Sentry Cloud Account and FREE 90 day trial.



E-Sentry Connect Standalone


Start using your E Sentry Connect Standalone assets today.


Setting Up Your E-Sentry Connect System (Cloud and Standalone)


To perform your first time setup of your new asset management system, simply log-in to your Cloud or Standalone account with the respective Cloud or Standalone Apps. Simply tap your NFC compatible android device on your inactive asset tags and you will be prompted to add a new tag to your system. E-Sentry Connect Cloud and Standalone tags are identical and interchangeable, though you should only maintain one type of system between all tags for optimum usage (To convert your system at any time see Converting your E-Sentry System below). Cloud tags are accessible only by users added by your administrators on your cloud system. Standalone tags are accessible to anyone in your company who has the E-Sentry Connect Standalone app.


Register for your E-Sentry Cloud Account (FREE 90 Day Trial)

E Sentry Connect Cloud Pricing


Upon completion of your FREE 90 day trial of the E Sentry Connect Cloud Solution, you may continue your subscription without interruption by purchasing a subscription that fits your company’s needs. E Sentry Connect can be maintained through an annual subscription for each desired site, or purchased as a single site license to be run and hosted internally through your existing server.


Annual Subscription to E Sentry Cloud (1 site) $1249.00
E Sentry Cloud Client Hosting License (1 site) $3750.00


Installing Your E-Sentry Asset Tags (Cloud and Standalone)


To install your assets if they have been purchased separately from your electrical maintenance safety device is a quick and simple process.

  • 1. Find a location on your electrical asset that allows for easy access by maintenance staff via a NFC compatible device
  • 2. Remove the adhesive cover from the back of your E-Sentry Cloud Asset Tag.
  • 3. Apply the tag firmly to your electrical asset.


Converting your E-Sentry System


At any time your system admin may choose to convert the system from cloud to standalone, or from standalone to cloud from the respective app by using the desynchronize feature. This process must be done with all tags in your system to full transition to either system to properly disconnect from the cloud or to setup your new cloud system.

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