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It is very common for companies to perform an annual inspection of their electrical systems using infrared technology. These scans look for signs of overheating that may be caused by overloaded circuits, improperly balanced loads or connections that have become loose or have deteriorated. But your electrical systems are running all the time — what happens if a problem develops and you still have several months until the next scan?

Enter the Delta T Alert™, a wireless, self-contained temperature-monitoring system with sensors that attach to your electrical enclosures. Because it is wireless and powered by three AAA batteries that can last from 18-24 months or as much as 36 months, and can be environmentally sealed for outdoor use (optional), the Delta T Alert™ system can go anywhere and provide you with valuable feedback about whether your electrical system is overheating.

You’ll receive an emergency alert when your electrical system’s temperature rises above a predetermined threshold that you set for it. That makes the Delta T a valuable, proactive maintenance tool that helps you keep small problems from developing into expensive and disastrous outages.

The Delta T units monitor the delta between your internal and external enclosure temperatures. The data is wirelessly transmitted for analysis, trending and can even remotely alarm your support teams with the details and location of the temperature alarm.

This temperature monitoring system provides in-depth information because it includes two kinds of temperature-monitoring sensors. One sensor monitors the room’s ambient temperature, while the other monitors the temperature in the interior of your electrical enclosure.

Because the Delta T Alert™ system is wireless, it is much easier to set up than a system that requires network cabling. And the sensors themselves are small enough to attach magnetically to your metal electrical enclosures if need be, although the system also comes with mounting bolts to attach them more securely.

You can schedule your Delta T self-contained temperature-monitoring sensor to take readings up to 8 times a day. The system also stores historical temperature data so you can compile reports and look for trends that will give you more information about your electrical system’s performance.

Read more about the Delta T Alert™ system, its software and its specs below. To request more information or a demo, simply use the contact forms at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you promptly.

The Challenge

A Snapshot in Time

The average electrical system is only inspected for a total of 3 minutes per year. Considering that there are 525,949 minutes in a year, this means on average electrical systems are inspected for less than 1% of their annual run time.Most companies embrace the use of condition based maintenance (CBM) technologies such as infrared thermography to inspect their electrical systems. However due to the high cost of staff time and limited budgets, a planned maintenance program is typically employed where inspections are only conducted a few times per year. While these inspections can be valuable in helping to prevent unexpected failures, they only provide a single ´snapshot in time´ leaving the subject systems unmonitored for the balance of the year.

The Answer

The Delta T Alert™ system complements your existing electrical maintenance programs and bridges the gap between your annual scheduled inspections by monitoring, tracking and reporting critical temperatures within your electrical enclosures on a daily basis.

Meet the Delta T

Delta T Alert™ is a wireless, self-contained temperature-monitoring sensor that attaches to an electrical enclosure cover. The patented unit comprises of two temperature sensors – one to monitor the electrical enclosure´s interior temperature and the second to monitor the room´s ambient temperature where the enclosure is located.

Key Features

Battery Operated

The Delta T Alert™ sensors run on three AA batteries thus eliminating the need to run electrical power to all the units. The average battery life is 18-24 months, and can be extended up to 36 months depending on your settings and environmental conditions.


The Delta T Alert™ system uses Z-WaveTM technology to wirelessly connect multiple sensors to each controller thus eliminating the need to run network cabling.

Easy to Install

The Delta T Alert™ sensors are small so they can be fitted nearly anywhere and contain an internal magnet that help it easily attach to the metal enclosure (although it is recommended to use the included mounting bolts.

Emergency Alarm Notifications

The Delta T Alert™ system will alert you when your predetermined temperature threshold is breached.
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Environmentally sealed (optional):

The environmentally sealed version of the Delta T Alert™ sensors can be installed outside.


The Delta T Alert™ system keeps track of all historical temperature data making it easy for you to build reports and conduct trending analysis.


You can program your Delta T Alert™ system to automatically take up to eight scheduled temperature readings per day.

Temperature Sensors:

The patented Delta T Alert™ sensors comprise of two temperature sensors – one to monitor the electrical enclosure´s interior temperatures and the second to monitor the room´s ambient temperature where the enclosure is located.

The Software

The Delta T Alert™ sensors and controllers come pre-loaded with the necessary software. Additionally, the controllers are also shipped with a copy of the license-free dashboard software that is easily installed on your local computer (or server). Once the dashboard software is installed and the sensors are turned on, you can easily configure and program them to your desired specifications from your dashboard. The system keeps track of all your data reported and makes this data available in easy to use reporting software. You can compare the temperature data from similar devices, look that the historical readings from a particular device, or even create a trend analysis to track the changes in temperature over time.

Download the Free Delta T Alert Software


Delta T Gateway


The Delta T Alert™ software uses Z-Wave Gateways to extend your network out to your Delta T Alert Sensors allowing 300ft range (line of sight) transmission with up to 231 sensor units per gateway. The Gateways and the Delta T Alert system are compatible with any Z-Wave repeating systems, allowing for increased range and stability from your network to the desired sensors.

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Delta T Sensor


These sensors are capable of independent 300ft (line of sight) communication, allowing you to set up optional Mesh Networking connectivity to provided added coverage and transmission stability. The sensors software allows it to constantly monitor its own time, and temperature, allowing it to self activate when a critical temperature is detected even when outside of its normal schedule.

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Constant Delta Temperature Monitoring

Delta T Alert™ sensors monitor the interior temperature of your electrical enclosure as well as ambient room temperature where the enclosure is located.


Data Transmission

The Delta T Alert™ sensors are wirelessly networked to the controller which is connected to your network. The system monitors the temperate readings from the sensors and the health of the sensors themselves to include their battery level as well as reporting back if a sensor is unresponsive.

Information Received

The Delta T Alert™ software then receives the data from the controller, stores the collected information on a local machine, and makes the information available via the dashboard.


Emergency Alarm Notifications

When your predetermined temperature threshold is breached, the Delta T Alert™ system will alert you with the details and location of the alarm in three separate ways:


  • Audio: the sensor itself will provide an audio alarm
  • Visual: the system dashboard will provide a visual alert
  • Email: the system can be programmed to send an email alert to your designated support team members



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