Delta T Alert Sensor

Delta T Alert™ is a wireless, self-contained temperature monitoring system with sensors that attach to your electrical enclosures. The environmentally sealed version of the Delta T Alert™ sensors can be installed outside. The patented units contain two temperature sensors – one to monitor the electrical enclosure’s interior temperature and the second to monitor the room’s ambient temperature where the enclosure is located. The units monitor the delta between your internal and external enclosure temperatures. The data is wirelessly transmitted for analysis and trending. The system can even remotely alarm your support teams with the details and location of the temperature alarm.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

  • Delta T Sensor

    Monitors the interior temperature of the electrical enclosure as well as the ambient room temperature where the unit is located.

  • Wireless

    Creates an ad-hoc wireless mesh network with up to 256 sensors able to connect to a single controller (depending on building configurations and environmental conditions)

  • Easy to Install

    The sensors are small enough to be fitted nearly anywhere and have an internal magnet to help easily attach to metal enclosures

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  • Emergency Alarm Notifications

    When a pre-determined temperature threshold is breached the system will provide an alert with the details and location in three separate ways: Audio: the sensor has an audio alarm, Visual: the system dashboard with provide a visual alert and an LED light on the unit itself, E-mail: the system can send an e-mail alert notification to your designated team members.

  • Reporting

    The system keeps track of all historical temperature data for Easy-to-build reporting and trending analysis

  • Temperature Sensors

    Each unit has two temperature sensors – one for interior enclosure temperature and one for the ambient room temperature


FeaturesDelta T Alert
Outdoor UsageNo
Wireless TechnologyZ-Wave™ 5th Gen
RF Range (Point-to-Point)Up to 300 Feet
Back up ChannelYes
Battery Life18-24 Months
Over the Air UpdatesYes
Daily Scheduled ReportsUp to 8
On Demand Status ReportYes
LED IndicatorGreen, Red, Yellow
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
Temperature Reading Accuracy+/- 0.5°C
Available RegionsUSA/Canada and CEPT (Europe)
Delta T Alert2.75”W x 4.5”H x 1.0”D
RegionAmericasEMEA, BrazilAPAC
Frequency908.42 MHz868 MHz921.4 MHz
Minimum System SpecificationsRequiredRecommended
Operating System (Microsoft Only)Windows XPWindows 7 or higher
Processor Speed500 MHz1 GHz
Free Hard Drive Space5 GB10 GB
Display Resolution800 x 600800 x 600 or higher

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