Interview with Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS, at The Reliability Conference, 2018

Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS, describes his journey in reliability using electrical maintenance safety devices as part of inspections on electrical equipment. Historically, electrical inspections carried a high level of danger for the inspector because inspections were performed on the energized equipment and required the panel or door cover to be opened. Technological advances have resulted in new safety devices that allow infrared and ultrasound inspections to be performed on the energized asset without opening the panel – a much safer working environment for the inspector. Because performing inspections has become easier and safer to perform, companies are moving towards a condition based inspection program to find faults on the electrical asset before it fails. Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices also support “Substitution” in the Hierarchy of Controls recently published in the NFPA 70E 2018 regulations. Companies save time, money and lives by finding the error before the failure!


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