• IRISS Certified Installer

    As an IRISS Certified Installer, customer will turn to you to fit the right infrared (IR) window in the right place.

Primary Audience: Skilled Trades Installing Infrared Windows

Prerequisites: None

Course Level: Beginner

Course Overview

This 2-day training allows students to learn how to use IR windows and ultrasound ports correctly. From installation to calculating emissivity/transmissivity, this course is designed to provide the hands-on experience to confidently install and use IRISS IR windows and ultrasound ports. As an IRISS Certified Installer, you will know the critical steps needed to efficiently perform surveys on electrical components while using IR windows.

Students Receive

  • IRISS Certified Installer Certificate
  • Course Resource Manual
  • Listing in IRISS Certified Installers International Database

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Course Objectives

  • Full Understanding about Safety Around Electrical Cabinets
  • Understanding IR Inspections for Electrical Maintenance
  • Introduction to Ultrasound for Electrical Testing
  • Understanding of IR Windows and Ultrasound Ports
  • Overview of IRISS Custom IR Window Solutions
  • How to Install IRISS Product Lines
  • Understanding the Importance of Tagging and Asset Management

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